Winter Fiesta on now on Club Penguin Rewritten!

Dear readers,

The Winter Fiesta started today on Club Penguin Rewritten. Many rooms have been decorated for the party, and a few items are available for it as well. A new pin – the Taco pin – has also been released. The party is set to end on January 24th.


The Town.

hats 4 fiesta

The Mini Sombrero, located at the Cove.

maracas 4 fiesta

The Festive Maracas, located in the Night Club.

taco pin

The new Pin, Located in the Dojo.

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Gary spotted at the Mountain Expedition Party!

Hello, all penguins! Gary has been spotted at the Mountain Expedition Party. The reason why he came, though, is a mystery… maybe it has something to do with the party’s reason? gary

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Red lei!

Woop! Come on vintage penguin to come check out the awesome nostalgic party from 2006!8peibhq

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New Pin Hidden on Vintage Penguin

Hello everyone! A new pin has been hidden on Vintage Penguin – the Teddy Bear pin. This is the first pin to be obtainable after the Beta Test Party. It is hidden at the Beacon, next to Jetpack Joyride.newpinhiddenteddybear

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Club Penguin Rewritten visited by Cadence, Puffle Handler, and Aunt Arctic!

Club Penguin Rewritten was visited yesterday by Cadence, Puffle Handler, and Aunt Arctic to celebrate Club Penguin Rewritten hitting 2,000 penguins registered. Sounds like a handful, I know! (Note: Aunt Arctic not pictured.)

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PH Spotted on CPR!

Earlier today, Puffle Handler (PH) was spotted on CPR in the Town. Penguins were able to receive a background from her, and she befriended some penguins as well.(Note: She does not show up in the friends list as PH – She shows up as Paige.) 148727861925144

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Hidden Items in this months catologue!

So here are this months hidden items! Hope this all helps to those who need it!



See you on Club Penguin Rewritten!


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